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 Katie (l) & Erin (r)
Homecoming 2002


Katie is now a high school sophomore (ya feelin' old???). Although she is still active in the Girl Scouts, Katie has changed her extra-curricular focus from band & drama to track & soccer.

Katie spent a big part of her Summer helping her Dad get in shape by bike riding all over N.E. Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, riding a horse across the site of Pickett's Charge in Gettysburg, riding her bike on the "abandoned" section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (including a 1 1/3 mile long unlighted tunnel).


Pennsylvania Turnpike with Nieces & nephews
  - Pickett's Charge
Birthday - 15 
Havin' a ball With oldest niece
  - Turnpike

with Jesse James with Jesse James
by a teepee with a rabbit
With Dino at the Bagdad Cafe
with a friend at Disneyland