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Karen Gamble-Bixby's
(ELHS '65)

daughter Melissa's wedding

April 28, 2001
St. Louis, Mo.

From Karen

There's a story behind this picture.  Larry, Melissa, and Rod thought they'd all stick out their feet to show off their cowboy boots(note Melissa's red boots).  Since I wasn't wearing boots.... I stuck out my foot and showed off my pedicure!

"The" bride with Karen's Grandchildren
(the bride's nephews)

Are you ready for the definitive cute.... the standard by which all other "cute" is determined????  Or as Matthew (2 years. old) likes to say.... "I  not cute. I dapper." 

They were ring-bearers for the wedding.  Just as the exchange of rings started, Michael (6 years. old) dropped to his knees and started pawing through  the grass (remember, we were in the park). Seems he'd lost the ring  from his pillow because he'd taken it off and was playing with it on his thumb.  His parents both got on their knees and started searching.  They found it just in time for him to give it to Melissa to put on 
Rod's finger.  They were behind Melissa, so she was totally oblivious to what was going on and couldn't understand why Rod and the rest of us were in stitches!  Good thing it wasn't a formal wedding!!

I always thought Karen was/is pretty. . . but
her daughter is a "Knockout" !!!!!

By the way. . .Rod is a mall manager . . . in/near St. Louis.
(I'll bet that's tough for Karen & Melissa !!!!!)

Congrats to
Karen, Larry, Melissa . . .  &  especially Rod

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