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"The New Millennium"

A new year with a new= century to explore
What more can we learn, and what more can we implore?
How will we change, and what it will bring?
And can there possibly be new songs for us to sing?

A few things we=92ve already= seen and heard:
<= /font>
1900 through the 1910=92s 

The silent films brought= Chaplin and the Keystone Cops
While Babe Ruth=92s first home run caused cheering crowds in the stands
The government gave birth to the income tax . . . and IRS!
And Ragtime music brought forth "Alexander=92s Ragtime Band"
<= /font>

They sold bootleg= whiskey and did the Lindy Hop
And on "Black Thursday" the stock market crashed
They passed Women=92s Rights so we could finally vote!
And = "St Louis Blues" brought in the age of the jazz.
<= /font>
1= 930=92s

They enjoyed Burns and A= llen, husband and wife duo
They saw a great depression throughout the land
They heard Roosevelt promise a brand "New Deal"
Then got = "I=92m In The Mood For Love" from the big bands.
<= /font>
1= 940=92s

Bob Hope made his first Christmas tour
Sylvester the Cat joined Tweety Bird=92s marquee
The Pledge of Allegiance was recognized by all
And war tunes; "Don=92t Sit Under The Apple Tree"
<= /font>
1= 950=92s

We built bomb she= lters and wore buttons saying "I Like Ike"
Read Burma Shave signs with messages to tell
Saw the birth of Rock and Roll; heard do-wop songs
And King Elvis singing "Heartbreak Hotel"
<= /font>
1= 960=92s

We bought Barbie Dolls;=20= viewed James Bond=92s "Dr No"
Visited Rowan and Martin of "Laugh-In" land
Heard Cassius Clay become "Muhammad Ali"
And heard the Beatles sing, "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
<= /font>

We did the disco=20= dance; watched the kids in "Brady Bunch"
Used CB=92s to elude the highway patrol and the police
Watched Bobby Fisher play chess, wore pantyhose over our legs
And saw Olivia and John in the movie called "Grease"
<= /font>

We played Atari and Sega= ; watched Don Johnson=92s Miami Vice
Challenged Rubik=92s Cube; saw Madonna in her gear
Bought IBM PCs to bring to our homes
And visited Sam at a place called, "Cheers"
<= /font>


We watched little Tiger Woods=20= grow up to play golf
Saw Letterman take the late night show high and above
Watched as pioneer Shannon Faulker tried "Citadel"
And heard Celine Dion sing "The Power of Love"

So, what more can we=20= learn, and what more can we see?
In this great millennium transformational century?
A lot more faith, and a lot less stress?
Or a lot more love and more tenderness?

Our world is changing from the days of old
With problems increasing, or so I=92ve been told
Perhaps if we reach out, and hold out our hand
We could help to bring peace throughout the land.

A country united is a country strong
Held together in peace in the coming new dawn.
If we start out small with our neighbor down the street
We can eventually connect as our outstretched hands meet.

~ StinaLisa ~

Above is an "= oh-so-tremendously-brief" listing of the many things
that have occurred in the 1900's.  When we stop to think of how
far we have come from the year 1900, it is impossible to imagine
how far we can go in the 2000's!  We have such great possibilities
for our future, but I think it is so important that we remember to
carry along into the 2000's the very valuable assets of family,
love for others, and our faith in God and mankind.

Ha= ppy 2000 New Year!

~ StinaLisa ~

"My Christmas Gift to You&quo= t;

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~ StinaLisa

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December 1999

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