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So Far. . . . . .
It is a surprise

AUGUST 25, 2002
at 1:00 P.M.

will be the
26st anniversary of
Eileen's 29th birthday.

In remembrance of that time ....
so far in the past (19?? )

her “devoted servant”, progeny and second generation descendants 
will be having a soiree’ to honor the occasion.

Depending on the weather. . . . & "flying" critters

the party will either be. . ..
  • a "real" cookout (replete) with sticks to cook hot dogs & "Hobo" pie makers
  • or a traditional  house party
  • We will satisfy all of your dietary needs regarding 
  • “burnt” offerings, 
  • liquid refreshments, 
  • a variety of selections from the potato chip family
  • and of course the birthday cake and ice cream.
  • We will also furnish the appropriate essentials needed to:
  • “stick, 
  • poke, 
  • cut, and 
  • shovel” 
  • all the victuals.

    Since it is difficult to be as ingeniously cunning as “herself”, 
    i.e. cooking or cleaning without raising suspicion, 
    I will need your expertise &  help.

    The areas where your help is so important to the success of this soiree is 
    with all those really yummy vegetable, fruit and snack specialties 
    that each of you prepare, present and serve so well. 
    If you could bring one of your so-special dishes 
    I would be eternally grateful.

    Gifts are optional...
    your presence is the only present desired.

    If because of societal & cultural pressures,
    you feel the need to present an offering to the “Irish Queen”,
    please be sure the gifts are appropriate to the occasion.

    Please RSVP the number in your party (or regrets)
    and the yummy you will be sharing by August 16, 2002

    to:     John Stephens      330-948-9992  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.-    NO MESSAGES, PLEASE

             Brian / Patti        440-473-1712 6:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

    e-mail:    The "husband"

    John III



    When:  August 25, 2000
    Time :  1:00 P.M. to ???????
    Place:   8786 Kennard Road
               Lodi, Ohio 44254