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From The Cleveland Plain Dealer February 15, 2000

The following listings are a reflection of the "re-structured" administrative positions. Although these are "new" jobs, they are NOT additional positions.

Help Wanted - General Education The Cleveland Hts.- University Hts. Schools


Minimum Qualifications:
*Masters degree
* Administrative certificate *
Three years of successful administrative experience
*Five years of successful teaching experience 260 Days
    - Salary starting at $68,704:

*Coordinator of Career/Vocational Education
*Coordinator of Gifted/Talented & Enrichment
*Coordinator of Special Education (2 positions) 260 Days
    - Salary starting at $76,000:

*Director ofPupil Services
*Director of Special Education 260 Days
    - Salary starting at $79,040:

*Special Assistant for Curriculum & Proficiency (High School Principal certificate required)


Minimum Qualifications:
*Bachelors degree 260 Days
    - Salary starting at $57,152:

*Supervisor of Purchasing
*Supervisor of Transportation

Send letter of application and resume on or before February 25, 2000 to:
Linda A. Koenig Executive Director of Human Resources
2155 Miramar Boulevard
University Heights, Ohio 44118
Phone: (216) 371-7402
Fax: (216) 397-3698
Equal Opportunity Employer Published on 2/13. ,