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Albert Lea, MN to Deadwood, SD
From: Albert Lea, MN USA

To: Deadwood, SD 57732 USA


Your trip's estimated travel time is 8 hours, 4 minutes for 552.22 miles of travel, total of 9 steps.

  These driving directions are provided only as a rough guideline.
  Please be sure to call ahead to verify the location and directions .
  Step 1
  Begin at Albert Lea, MN on Clausen Dr and go Southeast for 0.1 miles
  (elapsed distance: 0.1 mi)
  Step 2
  Turn right on Raymond Ave and go South for less than 100 feet
  (elapsed distance: 0.1 mi)
  Step 3
  Turn left on Albert Lea St and go East for 0.2 miles
  (elapsed distance: 0.4 mi)
  Step 4
  Turn left on CR-22,Bridge Ave and go North for 2.4 miles
  (elapsed distance: 2.8 mi)
  Step 5
  Turn left on ramp to I-90 and go West for 511.9 miles
  (elapsed distance: 514.7 mi)
  Step 6
  Turn left on ramp to West Blvd and go South for 1.8 miles
  (elapsed distance: 516.5 mi)
  Step 7
  Turn right on SD-44 and go West for 17.6 miles
  (elapsed distance: 534.1 mi)
  Step 8
  Turn right on US-385 and go Northwest for 17.9 miles
  (elapsed distance: 552.0 mi)
  Step 9
  Turn hard right and go Southeast for 0.2 miles to Deadwood, SD 57732
  (elapsed distance: 552.2 mi)